About Me

About Me

I am a seasoned Professional Blogger with expertise in Social Media Marketing and SEO strategies. My journey into the world of blogging commenced in 2015, following my discovery of its potential to disseminate knowledge on a global scale. Originating from Panchkula, Haryana, I embarked on this venture as a means to share insights and information with a wider audience.

My initial foray into the blogging realm began on Blogger.com (Blogspot), and later transitioned to the more advanced platform, WordPress. As time progressed, I established meaningful connections with fellow bloggers who shared my passion and dedication to this field.

Educationally, I pursued schooling at Haryana Model School, graduating in 2009, and subsequently obtained a Diploma in Computer Engineering from SRITE in 2012. This was followed by a Bachelor of Computer Application, which I completed in 2015. While my aspiration to pursue an M.Sc was impeded by unforeseen circumstances, I embarked on a career path with a Private Ltd Company.

Prior to 2014, my awareness of Social Media Marketing exceeded my knowledge of blogging. It was through a friend from South India, an avid tech blogger, that I gained insights into the realm of blogging.

My blogging journey took time to gain momentum due to limited Internet access. However, once connected, I initiated my blogging experience on Blogspot, with a later shift to Blogail in December 2015, where I focused on delivering meaningful content.

Throughout the years, I have navigated numerous challenges and fluctuations in this sphere. While contemplating quitting at times, the support and motivation from the blogging community have continually inspired me to persist. As I look back, nearly four years have passed since my initiation into this enriching endeavor.

I would like to provide an update on my current situation. Upon relocating to Canada for educational pursuits, I decided to temporarily suspend my blogging activities due to time constraints. Despite this, I have ventured into the realm of YouTube, where I share recorded vlogs addressing the daily challenges faced by students in Canada.

Stay informed of my future endeavors by connecting with me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and by exploring the diverse range of blogs I continue to publish. The journey continues, and there is much more to unfold in the future.